R35S-Retro Game Handheld device

R36S handheld retro game console

  • 15,000 -20,000games in a handheld retro games console
  • Built-in games including Final Fantasy Collection (1-9), Megaman Collection Power Stone etc
  • Support 20+ emulators including PSP, PS1, SNES, GBA, N64, Dreamcast and more
  • Support 11 Languages (English, BR, KR, Chinese, and more)
  • Support Wifi Connection
  • FREE Worldwide shipping & 7/24 Technical Support
  • Optional upgrade to 100,000 Retro Game Database

15000+ Retro Games in your pocket

Include some of the biggest hit from the 80s to the 2000s

final fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

PlayStation 1

Crazy Taxi



MegaMan X

MegamanX Collection (1-6)

Super famicom

final fantasy crisis core

Final Fantasy

Crisis Core

PlayStation Portable

Power Stone

Power Stone


N64 007 Golden Eye

007 Golden Eye


Support 20+ Emulators

Other Features


Support 10 language 

Support 10 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish and more


Super LightWeight

Only 200g, Super light-weighted and easy to carry


8 Hours Game Time

Up to 8 hours of game time, 2 hours of charging time until 100%

Support Wifi

Support Wifi

Support Wi-Fi connection with an external adapter